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Edvard Moser

Edvard Moser was in the plane, flying to Munich, when the world (but not he) learned that he had won the Nobel Prize. My brother was at the airport and sent me a picture of Edvard Moser shortly after he landed and was told that he had won. Actually Edvard Moser had planned to work at the Max Planck Institute in Munich for a couple of weeks, but with the announcement, all hell broke loose. I visited his lecture, which had been scheduled months ago in a small lecure hall. People were fighting to get into the overcrowded hall. I took a crash course in grid cells, and stood in line with those who were begging for an interview. I was lucky to get one. Afterwards I took him up on something he said at the end of the interview and invited him to a Munich jazz club. I´m still waiting for that selfie from the club ...

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