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heidi_johansen-berg.jpgHeidi Johansen-Berg, director of the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (University of Oxford, UK) talks about her recent findings on brain plasticity, how transcranial direct-current stimulation can help stroke patients, and why changes in the white matter - especially in the myelin sheath - are important for learning.

anne.jpgAnne Churchland, neuroscientist from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, talks about her research on multisensory decision making. She explains why it is important to study the brain in the context of behavior, touches the issue of artificial neuronal networks, and presents ideas on how to propel neuroscience forward.

winfried_denk_2.jpgAn interview with neurophysicist Winfried Denk, inventor of the two-photon microscopy

moser_weiss.jpgAn interview with neuroscientist Edvard Moser, winner of the nobel prize of medicine in 2014.



Welcome to neurific - the podcast on neuroscience. Here you find interviews with experts in the field of neuroscience, psychology and cognition. I´m the host: Fabienne Hübener, journalist and neuroscientist with a love for in depth interviews and the fear to miss a breakthrough that could change the way we experience the world. I speak the language most used in the world, bad english (with a tint of denglisch).


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