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About me

Fabienne Huebener has a PhD in Neurobiology, and a degree in journalism and Public Relation. She has worked as a scientist at the University of Munich (Germany), and the Institute of Neuroscience in Tsukuba (Japan).

She served as the press speaker for the University hospital of the Technical University Munich and as a science editor for Springer Science. She has been a freelance science journalist since 2006. In 2005 she was awarded the prestigious “special-interest journalist of the year” prize by the Vogel Foundation. In 2012 she received the journalism prize of the National Plastic Surgeons.

She writes among others for the Apotheken Umschau (a magazine which is read by over 20 Million people in Germany), and the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, an influential newspaper based in Switzerland. When she is not reading, doing interviews or writing, she likes to run, swim, paint, and play the clarinet.

Her philosophy: get to the core of the subject, do it with creativity and style, and give it all a special twist.

You find more about her on www.inword.de (English) & www.fabtext.de (German).

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